How will I know if therapy is working?

Many patients notice a decrease in their symptoms within a few weeks of therapy, or even sooner, if they have been faithfully attending sessions and doing the suggested assignments between sessions on a daily basis.

How long does treatment last?

Many clients with straight-forward problems need only a few sessions of treatment. Others, whose problems are quite complex, benefit from a longer period of treatment. Most clients are seen weekly at first; then as they are feeling better, they and their therapist jointly decide to gradually taper the frequency of sessions.

What if I am undecided about therapy?

If you are undecided about therapy, think about the following:  You don’t need to make a commitment to a minimum number of sessions:  Some patients find even a few therapy sessions useful and then choose to continue working on their own.  Realize that there is no big risk: If it’s not helpful enough, you can stop, but the potential benefit might be great. It would be a shame if you decided not to try something that could really make a difference in your life.